Mike Tyson’s new Pro Stars???

Many celebrities have had their own cartoons, including Jackie Chan, Mike Tyson, Wayne Gretzky, Shaq, and Michael Jordan. Some have been better than others. Many different things can determine the success and popularity of a celebrity cartoon, such as air time, broadcast channel, content and quality. Some celebrity cartoons go back decades while others are more recent like the Mike Tyson cartoon. Before cartoons starred celebrities, there were cartoons that just guest featured celebrities. Celebrities appeared in Felix the Cat as early as 1923.

In Mike Tyson’s cartoon, called Mike Tyson Mysteries, he plays a mystery solver, much like in Scooby-Doo. The show also features Mike’s adopted daughter, a talking pigeon, and the ghost of Marquess of Queensberry. The series originally aired October 2014. In Jackie Chan Adventures, Jackie plays an archeologist who finds a magical talisman (one of many). He soon learns of The Dark Hand who are seeking out the talismans for evil. He must combat the Dark Hand and the spirit Shendu to prevent their evil. It ran for five seasons and premiered on WB kids in the year 2000. The cartoon Prostars stars Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Wayne Gretzky. All of these men were sports stars, which is why they were chosen for the show. It was originally meant to air on ESPN but instead ran on NBC premiering in September of 1991.

Mike Tysons Mysteries has had one season so far and was renewed for a second. It has received high reviews; nearly ever critic has rated it above 70/100. It has been called funny, a lampoon, odd, entertaining, absurd and profane. The show is a hit and a great fit for the rest of the Adult Swim lineup as it sticks to the type of humor you would expect from Adult Swim. I think this show will do well and run for at least another couple of seasons thanks to the fact that it runs on Adult Swim. Jackie Chan Adventures did very well, running for five seasons on Saturday mornings on WB kids, a prime show time for the target audience. This show received good reviews through some websites, such as IMDB, but is a little too old to be on all the major review website’s radar. Jackie Chan Adventures is filled with action and adventure as well as some humor. With an exciting story and new, magical talismans throughout the first seasons, Jackie Chan Adventures pulls in the audience and keeps them there.

In my opinion, Jackie Chan Adventures was one of the best celebrity cartoons ever made. Prostars ran for only one season back in 1991 with a grand total of 13 episodes. IMDb gave Prostars a 7/10. While Prostars would be mostly incomparable to today’s cartoons, the show did teach good life lessons and morale. If you were a child and a sports fan back in 1991, this would probably your favorite cartoon.

The ‘Uknowns’ Series: X23

X-23 is the 23rd attempt to clone Wolverine of the X-Men. Wolverine is hundreds of years old and has the ability to heal any wound he sustains – his bones are coated in Adamantium, a rare metal stronger than any others. Due to damage sustained by the Y-chromosome of Wolverine’s DNA, Dr. Sarah Kinney, X-23’s mother, was unable to create a male clone until the 23rd try, using a duplicate X-Chromosome. This attempt was finally successful. Dr. Sarah Kinney is forced to be the surrogate mother of X-23 because of her previous failures. After seven long years in the cloning facility, X-23 is subjected to radiation poisoning in order to awaken her mutant powers. Dr. Sarah Kinney is eventually kicked out of the facility, and her family is put into danger. She secretly tells X-23 that she is her mother and that her real name is Laura Kinney. She eventually asks X23 to assassinate Dr. Rice and Dr. Sutter, as well as to destroy the other 26 clone incubation pods they have created.

X-23 is trained to be an assassin byher creators, Dr. Martin Sutter and Dr. Zandar Rice, the men who put together the cloning facility and hired Dr. Sarah Kinney. Dr. Rice creates a trigger scent that puts X-23 into a frenzy, and he utilizes this scent when sending X-23 out to kill and assassinate. She has Adamantium claws in her feet and hands, as well as the same healing factor as Wolverine. She has super strength, speed, agility, and reflexes. She is also skilled with explosives, sniper rifles, and long range weapons. X-23 is fluent in many languages and is also a skilled martial artist.

X-23 appears in a large number of comic book series, but her first appearance was in the tv show X-Men Evolution. Her origins are discussed in the comic series X-23: Innocence Lost. Her comic book debut was in the series called NYX in which she is a prostitute in New York City being pimped out by a man called Zebra Daddy. X-23 eventually kills Zebra Daddy while fleeing New York City.

X23 is also affiliated with the new X-men, X-force, Weapon X, Avengers Academy, and other teams. At one point in her history she even faces off against The Hulk which is its on intriguing story in itself.

Best Gaming Environment Advice

Gaming can be done in a variety of places and ways. Arcades full of video games, pinball machines, and classic ticket-distributing machines offer a great place to play both casually and competitively, offering a full place to gather, spend time, and play games. At one point, arcade gaming was extremely competitive and dominated within the realm of a primary place for gamers. Donkey Kong, a legend of competitive arcade gaming, is a great example of a scene so big it has its own movie. Arcades weren’t alone, however; they had cyber cafes to accompany them. Cyber cafes, though rarer now, are made up of a number of computers connected to local area networks and/or the internet. They offer a number of games to choose from and play alongside your friends via the local area network. Not all cyber cafes have computers – some have video game consoles. The golden age of arcade gaming has long since passed, replaced by home entertainment systems. Rather than having to go out to an arcade, home entertainment systems let players play their favorite games right in the comfort of their living room. Systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Atari’s, and Sega Genesis are what made home gaming as popular as it.

Interior, beautiful apartment, luxurious living room

Gaming is now typically done in a variety of environments including: arcades, cyber cafes, large gaming conventions, online, locally, and at home alone.  But, what is the best way to experience your favorite titles? Perhaps a large scale convention where you take place in a tournament alongside your friends and strangers alike, inside a crowded convention hall booming with sounds hooked up to an average TV. The epic experience of attending a gaming convention alongside thousands and thousands of other fans, media coverage, the competitive spirit abundant throughout the building, and prizes to the victor, all come together to make gaming at a convention incomparably awesome.

Is gaming at a convention the best way to experience a video game?


At home you have the options for a quality seat, no loud distracting noises, no uneasiness from being watched, and the common luxuries, such as food and bathroom breaks when needed. Yes, gaming at home in your favorite chair of couch (chair of choice?), relaxed, and laid back, and worry-free this is the way to go.


The freedom you can have with your gaming environment at home is unparalleled and that’s my pick for ideal environment!

The numerous audio, video, internet, seating, food, and privacy options are what make it so great. It’s just you and your video game, unhindered, free to pause whenever you like, and do whatever you want when you want to do it. Just imagine a 70-inch TV screen, high definition, with 3D capabilities, atop a great clutter-free TV stand that holds 6 of your gaming consoles and a Blu-ray player, all attached with the best video options available. The awesomeness doesn’t end there, though, because you have your room setup with a 7.1 surround sound audio system that brings all of your games to life. You have your unprecedented 50mbps download speed hard-lined right into your next gen console, giving you the best online gaming experience possible. You sit atop your throne next to a table full of Chinese takeout, or a large pizza hot and ready with nothing to prevent you from enjoying your delicious meal. You even have the option of a gaming seat with built in speakers available to you. Without a doubt the best gaming environment available is the one to be had at home!


Star Wars..and now our ‘Triumph’ is complete!!

“They will film 7,8 and 9 omg!!”- Every Star Wars Fan

Star Wars has been an iconic film series since 1977 when A New Hope, created by George Lucas, first came out in theaters. It was a part of Lucas Films, Ltd. along with other popular movies like Indiana Jones and American Graffiti. Recently, if you consider the past two years recent, Disney bought out Lucas Films, Ltd from George Lucas for $4 billion dollars. Disney quickly began the pre-production of a seventh Star Wars film, which is now known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Disney handed this project over to J. J. Abrams, a director who is well known for his work on on action, drama and science fiction films, and quite notable for his work on the new Star Trek films. Over  2014’s Thanksgiving weekend, the first official trailer for The Force Awakens was released to the public. This trailer is 88 seconds long and gives us our first look forward into the new Star Wars Universe. The Star Wars universe is one flowing with the force, a mystical power that exists everywhere and in all life. In this place, trained disciples can harness the power of the force for good and/or evil . In the new trailer, we are given a first look at a new agent of the Sith – the Sith use the force to gain more power and strength as well as universal domination. Star Wars revolves around the heroes of the republic and the rebels formed after its demise alongside the Jedi who use the force to maintain peace in the universe. While we don’t see anyone who is a definitive Jedi, we do see a number of revealing tidbits and some hidden easter eggs only a trained eye would notice.

From the trailer, we can gather that the film will take place partly on Tatooine, the quite iconic planet where the original trilogy began. We also see a generous amount of the of Stormtroopers, as well as a new stormtrooper, who is not a clone of Jango Fett, the original Storm Trooper. Not only are the Empires’ stormtroopers present but also a new member of the Sith with a glowing red lightsaber. This means the Empire still poses a threat to the galaxy, so we can expect a power struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion. Speaking of the rebellion, we also get to see the return of one of the most important spaceships in the Star Wars series: the Millennium Falcon. The Falcon is seen dodging Tie Fighters’ laser fire, evidence of the fighting between the Empire and Rebellion. The Falcon is not alone in her endeavors, however, as a squadron of X-Wings have a new part in the trailer, featuring Oscar Isaac as a pilot of one of the X-wings. While the trailer doesn’t shed much light on the storyline, it does reveal a sizable amount of content including some easter eggs for the keener fans.