Good Anime Character You Say

With numerous shows, games and series to watch for the viewers there are millions of new characters being made by the creators to treat the viewers with animations that seem like real life. While some of them don’t match to the standards, others turn out to be people’s favorite. With popular vote if there is one anime character which has earned a lot of love and popularity for the season then it has to be ‘L’.

The best anime character by popular vote sort of!

“L’ not to be confused with “Light” the character is a very powerful anime character which has been able to create an identity on its own. With brown or black hair and sometimes blue, sharp features and extremely sharp mind – the character is a big-time heart winner amongst the crowd. Popular from the show ‘Death Note’ the character is known for his witty mind, detective mind and of course the ability to turn people to his side. The active body, the fit features and the genius play of the character has turned him into a hero making him the most preferred character to dedicate an entire show to his name!

Highlights of L’s anime character

The anime character designed as L is a very slim boy who has all the detective insights, is dynamic and interesting with his moves. The character design wins the heart of the viewer instantly. Intelligent, direct quotes, funny and making for a wonderful communicant, the character development makes the viewers wait for more.

L by far is one of the most intelligent characters ever created. Our polls are deductive and not formal but from every forum, FB post, Instagram highlight, “L” easily gets the nod as one of the most likable intelligent and ‘slick’ funny characters in the cosmos!