New Titans Coming..Attack On Titan Season 2


In the Attack on Titan season 2 there will be new types of Titans. There will be Ymir Fritz as well as Eren Yaeger who will discover that Titans are not what they initially were supposed to be. There are reports that there are chances Eren Yaeger in the Survey Corps will have a different position as what it seems to be when he diverts the mission. Another person who will be joining the survey corps is Krista. This is rumored far and wide as well. It is reported that Krista’s role in Season 2 will be significant. Reiss which is her family name will create trouble for the residence for Eren and on the walls too.


As per reports the new Titans may be allies or mindless eating Titans. There is an upcoming Titan which will be on Season 2 and that is Zeke who akin to Eren is one who can be transformed to a Titan. The difference however is that Zeke is intelligent and is able to better control himself, unlike Eren. This is possible and he still has these abilities even when he is in the Titan form. It is reported that this Beast Titan will figure prominently. In addition to the intelligence will be his ability to communicate with humans and that is how he will be a bigger threat. The beast titan in Titan form looks like an ape and he has curly blonde hair and his human name is Zeke. He will be able to kill opponents who are in the path as well as he will have the strength and speed which can be used to knock the opponents down. He has elongated arms, fingers that are long and thumbs that are fully functional. Infact his upper body proportions are similarly built like that of colossus Titan. It is rumored that the beast will probably be the strongest of all the titans that are there.