Congratulations Animazement Winners.

“After careful consideration and looking at the photos, we both liked Haley because she did an excellent job on her craftsmanship, makeup, wig, and also the embodiment of the character.” – Sonicat Cosplay

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Best Female Character – Ms. Haley Cosplaying “JunkRat”




Best Male Character – Jackson as “Cloud”

Anime – 5 Series Current

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Anime is one of the most loved creations in Japan and in other parts of the world. The following are the ongoing genres of anime series that you can enjoy this season.


This Shinji Ishihara directed release is an anime series from the A1 pictures and sate light. Comedy is the genre of this anime; its story is of a girl called Lucy Heartfilia that is anxious to join the group of the famous fairy tale guild and who was eventually assisted by NatsuDragneel. Lucy finally moves together with the group and also with Ezra Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster.


In this anime, ‘Net Addiction’ is addressed, which is essentially a condition that spells out excessive reliance on the technology and the internet to a point where it becomes unhealthy. A kind of rehabilitation home is set up to help young lads. In this action-themed series, Hibiki, a character in the series, tries to enroll himself in a rehabilitation center to manage his addiction to the internet. He had no idea on how this rehabilitation facility looks like not until he got there and life became unbearable for him due to the callousness of the tutor.


Dragon ball super airs on Japanese Fuji TV. It is a series that was produced by Toei and involves a universal combat between different Anime universes and anyone that fails would be eliminated from the universe.

Dragon ball super narrates the story of the previous dragon ball z films and the battle of Gods and resurrection F which came after dragon z and the Dragon series proceed to narrate the real story of how another universe was explored, the re-emergence of future trunks and similarly a new threat to his universe which is known as Goku Black and a kai which is supreme and from universe 10 named Zamazu.


One piece is produced by Toei Animation and aired by the Japanese Fuji Television which is based on the Manga. The story started with a Man called Gol D. Roger who is known as the pirate king. He was a strong pirate who was one of the unpopular pirates to have sailed the grand line. The capture of Gol D. Roger by the world government brought peace to the world. Before he died he, he revealed the location of the most magnificent treasure in the world which is ‘One piece.’


This Anime series is premised on the volleyball encounters between volleyball clubs of shiratorizawaGakuen and karasumi. Any club that emerges as the winner between the two clubs competing will be given the privilege to participate in the national tournament which is to be held in Tokyo. The genre of the series is school game drama.

Star Wars 8 Sentiment from an Anime Watcher..

Why did Han have to die? You tell me!! Someone tell me, please!! Why did the most lovable character have to go?

Well, according to trailers and in anticipation of this Friday’s release, Leia, the beautiful, loving character played by the wonderful late Carrie Fisher, is set to potentially leave us as well.

I’ve read that some of the truest fans, the guys that typically waited in line for hours at a time to get tickets(me), expect to come out of the theaters weepy a bit. First Han now Leia. But I guess this has to happen in order for the story to continue.

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The thing is when watching the likes of Elfen Lied, Cowboy Bebop, and many others, you’d think we’d be prepared for emotional ups and downs after falling in love with the characters. But clearly, Star Wars and the franchise is just so legendary that a lot of us will indeed essentially try to hold it together upon arrival and exiting the movie.

Let us summarize…

Free Poster with Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tickets

Star Wars has to be one of the most lovable fiction works online. With all the action, the characters and their power to behold a battle – there are some serious followers who are always on a lookout for the new Star Wars Therapy. The new movies are as much enjoyed as the old ones and therefore what Star Wars 7 unfolded was something that was beautifully accepted by the viewer world over!

Star Wars 7 or Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the most awaited series progress that turned out to be full of mystery and acclamation which made the movie a hit! The story was weaved beautifully by Abrams, Michael Arndt, and Lawrence Kasdan. This amazing production took the story about 30 years ahead of the last season which had left the viewers with a irregularity as to what will happen next!

A host of new actors like Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Adam Driver joined into the journey making the Star Wars: The Force Awakens an even bigger hit than expected. The story begins when some critical information is laced to a droid. As expected the forces rise from both the ends i.e. First Order and the heroes. While both of them go searching for the droid, there are situations that both hadn’t foreseen.


Rey, the scavenger finds the droid and keeps it with her until she crosses her path with Finn, an ex-stormtrooper who knows the secret holding within the droid. Both of them decide to keep it safe and run tasks fighting a lot of situations to save it from the First Order. After a lot of enthusiastic aww inspiring battles, the droid returns safely to the resistance. However, the secret keeps unfolding till the end leaving very little for the audience to imagine!

The viewers shall find Rey, the main protagonist, discovering her new abilities and powers which keeps her excited and wanting for more. However, Luke Skywalker appears is a bit unsettled with the strength of the powers possessed by Rey and is seen keeping an eye on her for all the would-be moral or spiritual based objectives that could come her way. Movie 8’s plot is set to make viewers love the franchise even more with the exception of Leia potentially dying.

[personal] May the great wind safeguard and shield Carrie Fisher’s beautiful spirit as she continues her next journey in a new existence.[/personal]

Star Wars episode 8 here we come…

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