Congratulations Animazement Winners.

“After careful consideration¬†and looking at the photos, we both liked Haley because she did an excellent job on her craftsmanship, makeup, wig, and also the¬†embodiment of the character.” – Sonicat Cosplay

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Best Female Character – Ms. Haley Cosplaying “JunkRat”




Best Male Character – Jackson as “Cloud”

Buy Your Anime Damn It!!!

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Why do we support piracy in the Anime world so much!?

You’re saying we can’t afford a $6.00 Crunchyroll subscription or $5.00 Funimation one to not only enjoy our favorite shows but to see them in the best quality offered!??? Come on guys we can do much better!!!

Anime or the Mangas are quite popular in the world, increasingly so in the Western countries. Developed and written in Japan, traditionally they are comic books or manga and the cartoons, better known as anime, are not only read by the people at a heavy rate but also seen by the people as well. Not just the kids but the genre of the anime is also suited for adults as well. It is not only the action but the dramas, love, and romance that can be seen in the anime. So it has the big market in the Asian countries.buyyouranime

However, instead of buying the anime people love to download them online without paying any money.

Well, it is not their fault, but most of the people love piracy as it is cheap and cost less than the real value of the anime or the manga. However, do you know that this illegal act of people have the capability to make these writers go bankrupt?

Yes, the money that is used by the people to buy the anime and the mangas is the only source of income for these writers.

But if the people will not buy it from them then they are not only going for an illegal act, but they are also halting the progress of making new Anime. It will not only inhibit the writers to write something new, but there will be a bad impact on the creativity as well. The team will not have money to produce new graphics, and ultimately the production of new anime will be halted. This is the worst impact of piracy on the anime and the mangas that should be stopped.

So in other words.. WE’VE GOT TO SUPPORT MANGA AND ANIME!!!!!!!


Although it is not the fault of the people, it can be the fault of the makers as well. The price of the anime and the books is too high that the people look for the pirated versions, and hence they like to see them online or download them for free. However, if the prices are reduced then indeed people will love to buy or not?

Banning piracy and promoting the media in the way that people can buy them can be one of the ways that can help this piracy. Moving on an improved creativity and new content for the people can lure them to have something new. No doubt it is not the story of the Japanese market, but for the outside promotion, steps are required to be taken.

AnimeBusters will take new and innovative ways to create amazing content while still attmepting to be a legitamit and profitable business. To support other companies similar to us, is a great thing because we are collective community that thrives on unfiltered creativity! SUPPORT ANIME STUDIOS AND WE’LL KEEP GETTING THE PRODUCTS AND CONTENT WE LOVE!!!

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