Imagine being bullied your entire life! Forget being ridiculed religiously by a parent, sibling, schoolmates, and life itself but imagine being tyrannized by external forces that are not tangible. Life would seem like more of an anger fueled, yet unsustainable, drain of mental, physical and phsycological resources that equated to an existence unparralled to anything anyone has ever experienced before..


Imagine you had a friend that you could call brother. A friend, just like yourself, who not only found solace in cosplay but took it further to absorb the very ‘powerful’ notion that I can become what I cosplay. Additionally, imagine that same daily anger you feel, from being bullied by so many forces, being harnessed, manipulated, transformed and transferred in fact via others sufferings.

Just imagine, what type of being you could become if you could make that anger your own which would allow you to battle injustice and take your place as one of the most powerful beings within the Cosmos!….

We, AnimeBusters, give you Hisashi’s and Katsu’s Journey of Bravery!

Journey of Bravery – Volume 1 Coming Soon!
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