New Anime Batman Movie – Summary, OMG!!

New Anime Batman Movie, Yes Sir I’ll Take It!


Batman has got to be one of the most popular superheroes of all time. As much as we like to watch in real characters, the much demanded super-hero character is taking a reincarnation in the form of anime movie soon.

The batman anime movie that has been much talked about is going into production of Warner Bros Production which is also one of the biggest producers in the world bringing the original Batman movie to life. With the feature of some of the best Japan talent, the official Batman anime movie is going to have a lot of Japanese anime characters with such precision that you shall love the action nevertheless.
There will be appearances of the Japanese version of characters like Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy, The Red Hood, and even Robin and Night wing.

Warner Bros production in association with one of the giant producing houses of Japan has undertaken the work of producing the anime version of Batman which also features a lot of artists like Gurren Laggan and even the most popular Afro Samurai i.e. Samuel L Jackson. Incredible scenes, powerful scripts and end line which is going to amaze the viewers with all the action and thrill that shall take place – the film is under production currently and is known to be on the screens by 2018.

2018 which is already expected to be one of the game-changing years for the anime industry is bound to turn upside down with this venture which has brought the concept of not recreating the superhero into an anime movie but also creates a new storyline which is much different than the regular Batman movies that people usually see. The Japanese inspiration for the animation works like magic for the film and brings to life such amazing twist that is going to create a super addition to the already existing entertainment.

Rumour has it that this anime series is going to have a feature of the Dark Knight i.e. the Joker and by the end of the story, *SPOILER ALERT*, the Joker is set to turn into an acid monster. While the action and 3D effects are sure to gather viewers and their attention, the much-anticipated scene recreation shall take place with much more creativity.

The Batman fans can expect a thrill and lively batman movie but without the clichés and repeated scenes. This is going to be an original movie with a new storyline!

Anime and Cosmos fans get ready!!!!!!!

New Manga with Female interests?

 5 manga for females in 2018

Manga series from Japan is famous world overtaking the readers and watchers by storm. As intriguing are the characters they make for a fan-read moment for all. We all have a fetish for the Manga but as 2018 unfolds there shall be new reads, new characters and parts to the already existing manga series which is going to be loved by all.

Coming in 2018, the girls are going to love some of the finest of Manga characters and stories which are specially made for female Otaku. Here are some you should be looking for if you fit the mold! Some of these are oldies but goodies but worth checking out in 2018.

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

An orphan girl lands into a new land with her family and starts working as a help until she finds the magic of turning into a Chinese zodiac animal. The characters are intriguing and a reader comes to fall in love with it ultimately – female Otaku for sure!

2. Rurouni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki

A samurai’s journey between fight and romantic indulgences making to the popularity list of 2018! This manga is a girl’s classic favorite that brings out a heroic side of the girl character Kamiya Kauru and is intensely loved by the readers.

3. Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama

One of the most popular and classic tales that is relevant as much as it was a few decades ago! The girl Bulma is in search of Dragon balls and needs Goku’s help for the same. There are battles, but they are spirited and fueled by either love for respective universes or appreciation for internal growth.

4. Ouran High School Host Club – Bisco Hatori

It is about a girl and a group of 6 guy friends from the Ouran High School who are notorious and turn out to be breaking a $60,000 vase. The girl gets into trouble and the club goes on working to earn the amount to be paid. Intriguing, soul story and a lot of drama – this one is the perfect high school story for the female Otaku!


5. 5 centimeters per second by Makoto Shinkai

The series is a story about a girl Akari Shinohara and has a loving tale of a school time romance which soon starts to deplete with the shift of careers and paths once the school is over. As much as the romantic tale keeps the girls happy, the drifting love makes them know the struggle of a girl who is falling apart. Indeed an inspiration to many!

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A Manga You Need This Season

“If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?” – Eren

For a while now, this particular Japanese Manga has been a popular trend worldwide. With all the visuals and the imaginary story weaved by the writers in the form of comic books and graphic novels – AOT manga makes for a very enjoyable read! Every season there are launches of new stories, sequels and more for the readers to keep rejoicing within the Manga stories themselves.

This season, undoubtedly, one of the most popular manga has to be “Attack on Titan”. The manga has been into pushing for several years and has been roping in people with its exclusive style of presentation and reader engagement. While on one hand it is one of the most average plots and basic tale compared to major manga stories, on the others its reading makes the story very interesting and has the highest number of followers today.


The plot is about the rise of the Titans, the creatures who aren’t identified yet and no one knows where they have come from. Interestingly the Titans are bent towards killing, more so consuming mankind and have been into the process for years within the manga. The World is preparing to be safe and secured from the clutches of the Titans or any harm possible from them. This season or the latest manga highlights a city which has made all of the arrangements to save itself from any attack and has a host of new rescuers from various parts of the world in for the humans to be safe.

The Titans, however, appear out of nowhere and break out a complete war with the city with the idea of killing and literally eating mankind. The fight between mankind and the Titans is an extremely amazing one with all the actions which intrigues us the readers and makes for a compelling read. The visuals have also been very communicative while playing with the imaginations of the readers thus making this one a completely awaited Manga for the season.

The manga popularity!

The graphics used in the “Attack on Titan” is very viewer friendly and caters to a large audience which starts with kids and concludes typically with male adults. With easy reader engagement and better story explanations, the manga has the right blend of comic punches with action sequences which bring in intelligent breakthrough tactics as well within the battle scenes. With the launch of the new season the manga gets its due credit into the sci-fi genre and is interestingly the most picked manga with a huge hit-rate on the internet!

This Anime Went Wrong..

Creativity in Anime has gone to another level of experience. With new ways of thrilling the viewers and creating new visions, the Anime industry has brought a lot of popular anime options for all the audience to enjoy watching such as Attack on Titan, My hero, DBS and others… In this fall season, we all clearly have a fetish to enjoy some of the favorite series of current anime based movies and TV shows. But not all make it to the popularity list.

Some of the shows, no matter how dedicated the cast has been in creating the show, does not get accepted well by the viewers or the critics. And this fall season the least popular anime has to be the Bloodivores.

Bloodivores turns out to be another of the vampire gimmicks in which they tried to put on their game face strong in the earlier seasons but this time has failed miserably. Their awful use of pun and the gimmicky style of creating the animation have been depicting that of would be awfuleness. Indeed there has been a lot of efforts put into copying other Anime designs and also the effects..

What went wrong!

The storyline is a bit abrupt at times and does not appeal to the viewers this time around as the creation of a newfound place with the vampire population just fails in creativity. Also, the 2000’ish animation style has not been able to match the standards put up by some of the extremely talented animation artists. At first sight, the story comes out to be so blunt and flat on the storyline that you become immediately sad about the drama it tries to create. Additionally, without giving the story away too much, it definitely produces a bad take on the suffering it hopes to portray. The visuals have suffered badly due to the urge to create something from crowd demand but fail to even match to its earlier standards.

Glitches in the plot and animations

Having seen some of the popular and extremely amazing Anime work this fall season from other more notable Anime you would absolutely dislike the new season of Bloodivores. The messes made with the Occultic had been acceptable enough but the ‘gimmicky’ style of animation this time fails to appeal the audience.

Although there would be viewers still watching it because indeed Bloodivores has got a huge fan base and despite being an average watch has made it to the list of some of the regular animation watch series. The Bloodivores new season is the least popular animation series you would find today!

(Opinion Does not reflect all AnimeBusters Members!)

Good Anime Character You Say

With numerous shows, games and series to watch for the viewers there are millions of new characters being made by the creators to treat the viewers with animations that seem like real life. While some of them don’t match to the standards, others turn out to be people’s favorite. With popular vote if there is one anime character which has earned a lot of love and popularity for the season then it has to be ‘L’.

The best anime character by popular vote sort of!

“L’ not to be confused with “Light” the character is a very powerful anime character which has been able to create an identity on its own. With brown or black hair and sometimes blue, sharp features and extremely sharp mind – the character is a big-time heart winner amongst the crowd. Popular from the show ‘Death Note’ the character is known for his witty mind, detective mind and of course the ability to turn people to his side. The active body, the fit features and the genius play of the character has turned him into a hero making him the most preferred character to dedicate an entire show to his name!

Highlights of L’s anime character

The anime character designed as L is a very slim boy who has all the detective insights, is dynamic and interesting with his moves. The character design wins the heart of the viewer instantly. Intelligent, direct quotes, funny and making for a wonderful communicant, the character development makes the viewers wait for more.

L by far is one of the most intelligent characters ever created. Our polls are deductive and not formal but from every forum, FB post, Instagram highlight, “L” easily gets the nod as one of the most likable intelligent and ‘slick’ funny characters in the cosmos!