Congratulations Animazement Winners.

“After careful consideration and looking at the photos, we both liked Haley because she did an excellent job on her craftsmanship, makeup, wig, and also the embodiment of the character.” – Sonicat Cosplay

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Best Female Character – Ms. Haley Cosplaying “JunkRat”




Best Male Character – Jackson as “Cloud”

Master Digital Photography Otaku

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Photography Tips for Otaku

Photography is the area which needs a good amount of expertise. Usually people feel that taking pictures is very easy and it is but what matter is taking them in right manner and from right angle so that they look amazing within the final product. Many Otaku would have mastered the art of clicking pictures without the red eye syndrome. Many of us also feel that we could have taken the pictures better than what they are in real life. It happens to all of us. In fact the expert photographers also feel the same thing. But for us who are analytical in measuring feats of characters, taking the perfect picture of sorts, we can be just as anal.

Tips to catch the right photo!

Here are some tips which can help you in spanning from the beginner to the master level of the digital photography. These tips are useful to all and it does not matter whether you are using your cell phone or the point and shoot camera for clicking and caputring theimage.

  • The most basic digital photography tips include but not limited to composing carefully. You need to pay attention to the frame of the viewfinder. It is important that you fill the frame properly. If you are clicking a picture and it has nothing but only the blue sky behind the single subject, then it would simply reduce the proportion of the photo and also decrease the interest of the viewer. You can try and turn the camera sidewise and check if the vertical photo can create some impact as compared to the horizontal shot of the subject. If the vertical shot is also not working for you then you can try positioning of the subject to the side rather than keeping in center of the photography.

  • It is important that you take some amazing close up photos. The digital camera has the macro mode and you can consider it to be the magnifying glass for you. An extreme close up can be something like the flower petal in bringing out the textures which you would have never seen before. In fact, you would have never thought that such textures exist. Such things will be able to add some excitement to the photos. You can play with the features and also add a dozen of the ways in which you can enhance the pictures.



  • Another tip includes buying a tripod. The digital camera can give you blurry photographs if your hands shake even a bit. There are many companies which manufacture the light, inexpensive version and the portable version. This is the best tip as it helps in saving a lot of hours of frustration and also preserves some of the best shots.

  • You should always be ready for taking images. Take the shot from the side of the boat from top of teeter totter or by standing on head. You need to think out of box if you wish to get some of the amazing pictures. It can pay you in some unexpected manner. You will get such shots once in a lifetime and for that you need adding of creativity to the thinking.


  • Even after all this tips if you are hungry for some more tips then you can take a class. There is nothing apart from practice which can improve the photography. You need a good amount of practice and with that you need experience which can make you expert. You can gain experience by learning from pro. There are number of photography classes online and you can opt for one of them. You can also visit them at some local recreation center and colleges.

It surely takes time to become the expert in the field of digital photography. You will never become the professional photographer in first week. You need to practice and also you need to try on with new methods with the camera.

Anime – 5 Series Current

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Anime is one of the most loved creations in Japan and in other parts of the world. The following are the ongoing genres of anime series that you can enjoy this season.


This Shinji Ishihara directed release is an anime series from the A1 pictures and sate light. Comedy is the genre of this anime; its story is of a girl called Lucy Heartfilia that is anxious to join the group of the famous fairy tale guild and who was eventually assisted by NatsuDragneel. Lucy finally moves together with the group and also with Ezra Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster.


In this anime, ‘Net Addiction’ is addressed, which is essentially a condition that spells out excessive reliance on the technology and the internet to a point where it becomes unhealthy. A kind of rehabilitation home is set up to help young lads. In this action-themed series, Hibiki, a character in the series, tries to enroll himself in a rehabilitation center to manage his addiction to the internet. He had no idea on how this rehabilitation facility looks like not until he got there and life became unbearable for him due to the callousness of the tutor.


Dragon ball super airs on Japanese Fuji TV. It is a series that was produced by Toei and involves a universal combat between different Anime universes and anyone that fails would be eliminated from the universe.

Dragon ball super narrates the story of the previous dragon ball z films and the battle of Gods and resurrection F which came after dragon z and the Dragon series proceed to narrate the real story of how another universe was explored, the re-emergence of future trunks and similarly a new threat to his universe which is known as Goku Black and a kai which is supreme and from universe 10 named Zamazu.


One piece is produced by Toei Animation and aired by the Japanese Fuji Television which is based on the Manga. The story started with a Man called Gol D. Roger who is known as the pirate king. He was a strong pirate who was one of the unpopular pirates to have sailed the grand line. The capture of Gol D. Roger by the world government brought peace to the world. Before he died he, he revealed the location of the most magnificent treasure in the world which is ‘One piece.’


This Anime series is premised on the volleyball encounters between volleyball clubs of shiratorizawaGakuen and karasumi. Any club that emerges as the winner between the two clubs competing will be given the privilege to participate in the national tournament which is to be held in Tokyo. The genre of the series is school game drama.

Hang out as a foreigner in Japan?

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A Few Quick Spots To Visit In Tokyo!

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, a trendy and densely populated city. The city is located around kanton axis of central Honshu which is very close to Tokyo Bay. Three large rivers engulf the city of Tokyo, and these are Edo River, Ara River, and Sumida River.

Tokyo is well known for her serene environment and vast tourist attractions, including the generous lush of flowers commonly seen in its gardens and fields.

Tokyo city has different centers of entertainment, places where one can go to and indulge in luxurious treatment and relaxation. Other areas of interest include water tours, Museums, Tours and sightseeing, Day tours and trips, cultural and theme tours, religious sites, bars and nightclubs for maximum enjoyment and other outdoor Activities.

Tokyo is a tourist city capital of Japan with both the traditional and ultra-modern temples which are quite attractive architecturally.

Looking at the city from outside, it looks like any other technologically advanced modern city of the world, one that still maintains its historic buildings such as the imperial palace of the emperor of the Tokyo city and also serves as the symbol of the Tokyo city that serves as the tourist centers.

What one of the places travelers or foreigners can hang out in Tokyo is Edo Tokyo museum which symbolizes the ancient city of Tokyo and keeps foreigners abreast of the history of Tokyo Artwork that has gone for many centuries.

The Edo Tokyo museum is a place that foreigners always hang out to enjoy the sights of the Artwork collection which is very attractive and portrays the work of the ancient city of Tokyo.

For foreigners looking for cool places to hang out in Tokyo, Tokyo National Museum could just be the right spot.

Another essential place where foreigners do hang out in Tokyo city is Robot Cabaret Show and Alice Wonderland dinner.

This is a place where foreigners engage in fun activities and munch down sumptuous delicacies of assorted appetizers which includes pizza and cheese, green salad with walnut and parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce with Caesar salad with whey pork bacon, roasted vegetable with aged pork, herb butter with French fries and other assorted appetizers.

Also is the different sparkling lighting that illuminates the show, the energetic and superb dancing of the robot show which make the spectators have a pleasant and memorable experience which they will never forget. Similarly, the foreigners also enjoy themselves to the fullest in a well-decorated dining room.

Also, the following bars are nice hangout points for foreigners in the bustling city of

Tokyo: Hiroo, Meguro, Roppongi, Shibuya, Azabu, and Azabukuban.