New Manga with Female interests?

 5 manga for females in 2018

Manga series from Japan is famous world overtaking the readers and watchers by storm. As intriguing are the characters they make for a fan-read moment for all. We all have a fetish for the Manga but as 2018 unfolds there shall be new reads, new characters and parts to the already existing manga series which is going to be loved by all.

Coming in 2018, the girls are going to love some of the finest of Manga characters and stories which are specially made for female Otaku. Here are some you should be looking for if you fit the mold! Some of these are oldies but goodies but worth checking out in 2018.

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

An orphan girl lands into a new land with her family and starts working as a help until she finds the magic of turning into a Chinese zodiac animal. The characters are intriguing and a reader comes to fall in love with it ultimately – female Otaku for sure!

2. Rurouni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki

A samurai’s journey between fight and romantic indulgences making to the popularity list of 2018! This manga is a girl’s classic favorite that brings out a heroic side of the girl character Kamiya Kauru and is intensely loved by the readers.

3. Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama

One of the most popular and classic tales that is relevant as much as it was a few decades ago! The girl Bulma is in search of Dragon balls and needs Goku’s help for the same. There are battles, but they are spirited and fueled by either love for respective universes or appreciation for internal growth.

4. Ouran High School Host Club – Bisco Hatori

It is about a girl and a group of 6 guy friends from the Ouran High School who are notorious and turn out to be breaking a $60,000 vase. The girl gets into trouble and the club goes on working to earn the amount to be paid. Intriguing, soul story and a lot of drama – this one is the perfect high school story for the female Otaku!


5. 5 centimeters per second by Makoto Shinkai

The series is a story about a girl Akari Shinohara and has a loving tale of a school time romance which soon starts to deplete with the shift of careers and paths once the school is over. As much as the romantic tale keeps the girls happy, the drifting love makes them know the struggle of a girl who is falling apart. Indeed an inspiration to many!

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The future of the New Female Saiyans..

Saiyans Futures Females Animebusters

These girls are no good for the series..period!!

Well not actually!

One of the most crucial changes in the anime though is the rise of the female Super Saiyans.

It is a new change that was not only unexpected, but it has created the things more interesting in the anime. 


With Caulifla Well, the first thing that is noticed about this character of the anime is that she looks like a child irrespective of powers and flawless skills. She is the first Super Saiyan who is a full blooded female, and no doubt show some perfect skills during the battle. The name of the character Caulifla is much similar to the vegetable cauliflower, and hence the tradition of the vegetable-like name is still in the trend when it comes to dragon ball super.Califia1

But Kale…wow!! Can we now say the Broly character itself is now canon? I think we can safely say that the LSSJ gene is alive and that the notion of a Legendary Super Saiyan is alive and well. But we’ll save her in particular for a later article and video in fact!


So back to Caulifla and her impact in the series….

Although her body, when turned into a Super Saiyan doesn’t change, people love to see more from this muscle less, light weight and unique female Saiyan. The originality in the female traits even after becoming a Super Saiyan that is “no development of way too many muscles” is loved by the viewers. The childlike look and flawless fighting skills are unparallel and this what make the things more interesting. Being the new heroin with sharp facial features, Caulifla is one of the most unexpected yet beautiful changes in the anime.


The verdicts of the people about the new character are entirely different. Some believe that she may have the various states like Guko and keep skip right up on to SSJ Blue.  Some YouTubers believe it to be a good change in the anime, having female Saiyans. The future of these gals are bright indeed as they full explore turning SSJ with ease.   Believe it or not, she, in particular, Caulifla, is new and kind of an interesting part of the anime. With her introduction, many things will be changing, and more interest of the viewers will be developed in the anime even going past the tournament. With her introduction, there are high chances of the adoption of new fighters from different universes as well as we’ve already seen. Some of the characters from universe 9 and such may become fixtures in future movies as their back stories are stellar to say the least.

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