Improve Yourself Otaku!

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Just like Ippo We Must Preserver and We Must Strive for Self-Improvement!

Ways to self-improvement!

If you are on the path of self-improvement then you should ask yourself 10 questions. Always keep in mind to be what you are and that is not the case only in the army. At times I keep on thinking the way things keep on changing in my life but yes there are many real-life issues which need to be discussed. All of us are surrounded by problems and the thing to be kept in mind is that they should never be able to hinder you from becoming what you wish to be. The aspiration which is found in kids should keep on going in our lives as adults even though things change. Self-improvement starts with acceptance and the will to want to do better! Even as Otaku in which we are literally mostly watching Anime and gaming, we can take what is derived from those entities and better ourselves.

1. What do I Want?

The first and foremost question to be asked is the things which you want in your life and with your life. You should find out about the things at which you are good and it will be one of the first steps toward self-improvement.


2. Should I change?

The current Otaku and overall generation in both Japanese and western society has taken a new meaning to the word “Self”. When you face certain situations you realize that the situation is worse than what you have considered. The thing which history has taught us is the life through which we are going. Changing, asking yourself what makes you most productive and energetic are key questions when considering the question, should I change?

3. What is good in my current situation?

Always make sure to watch at the other end of any situation. If anything is happening that is glaringly negative make sure to check the light at the end of the tunnel. It will bring the positive energy to you no matter what stage you are going. If it is the train at the end of the tunnel then make sure to take a ride.

Just like Ippo We Must Preserver and We Must Strive for Self-Improvement!

4. Am I comfortable with situations?

Usually, there are always two paths; right path and the easy path. Let me explain with an example. If you are choosing shoes, a purse and a shirt which goes against a basic understanding of what does not match then you will never need the genius to help…This example makes no sense……lol..But.. Always make sure that you choose the different and right path and accept what variety brings versus any easy situation. You’ve got to be able to mix it up in social settings or just in life in general!

5. What have I done for myself?

Always ask yourself that whether you have done enough for your own self or you want to do more. The specter of discontentment in any aspect can prove to be dangerous.

6. Am I happy today?

It is an unfair question and thus let it be as an answer rather than a question. If you love being mom or dad for your kids then let the situation as in future your kids will love your forever. The same thing is applicable for the entire life.

7. Am I appealing?

If you are not having an answer to this question or if it is a negative answer then try to change yourself. You can shape up and also change the way you are wearing clothes. But this has to be a thing you decide on to a certain extent. A little self-awareness is not a bad thing. You can also change your hair and your attitude towards people. Always keep in mind that it will always be beneficial to you to cultivate yourself based off of experiences and not what people, even fellow Otaku, say about you!

8. What could I have?

Definitely, the list will be long. You are an Otaku and a fierce one! You must have a long list of things which you could have. It does not matter if you wish to have lots of moments or possessions as the important thing is to know how much you are ready to work to achieve what you wish to have!

9. What is my motivation?

This is something which you need to find on your own. There are many things which can make you happy but you need to choose one and that is a really hard part. To focus in on one or even a few things thats motivate you is huge as well as the key to sustaining it!

Just like Ippo We Must Preserver and We Must Strive for Self-Improvement!

10. What makes you tick?

You can be what you really wanted to be. It is always important to realize that getting something is very difficult but it is not good to give up before trying and starting the journey. What makes you tick in this instance? What gets you and puts you on fire to acheive and improve in your endeavors.

Go get em young or old Otaku!